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Our German Mlitaria Price Guide - Please note these are retail prices

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Nazi SA Dagger with Hanger Clip. This is a very nice earlier SA dagger bearing the desirable maker's logo for "SUDD. MESSERFABRIK, GEFREES". Nickel fittings on both the dagger and anodized scabbard. Nice matching brown leather hanger strap with nickel clip and buckle…$550. SOLD

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Nazi RAD Pole Top by Gebruder Cosack. This is an extremely fine larger pole top that measures about 12 inches high and, I believe, goes onto the pole for the RAD standarte…$795. SOLD

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Nazi Allgemeine SS Officer's Cuff Title with RZM Tags. This is an outstanding near excellent cuff title. It is the embroidered bullion RZM pattern and is full length. The cuff title features the unit number "5" embroidered onto the band in medium gauge aluminum bullion-wrapped wire. The rippled upper and lower edge borders are also aluminum wire. Both original paper RZM tags are affixed to cuff title, with one applied by the manufacturer and the other by the firm doing the embroidery. The cuff title ends are folded over and sewn down…$375. SOLD

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Nazi SG 42 K98 Rifle Bayonet by Eickhorn with Scabbard. The bayonet was manufactured by the Carl Eickhorn firm and is maker-coded "cof" with the waffenampt marking "WaA519" on the blade ricasso. The grip plates are bakelite, with a chip near the crossguard area. The blade should clean up from years of storage and has old light edge sharpening. Unfortunately, the handle tools are missing as is the release button. The scabbard, however, rates extremely fine plus (some light surface rust freckling on the blued steel)…$800. SOLD

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Nazi "Grossdeutschland" Shoulder Board Cypher Insignia. This is a very scarce original cypher for the famed "Grossdeutschland" Division. The cypher has both of its original brass mounting prongs present. This cypher was purchased as part of a grouping of original relics from the relative of a WWII veteran…$110. SOLD

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Nazi War Service Cross 2nd Class without Swords Medal. This is a near excellent high quality example with a lovely bronze finish to the cross and an extra-long original ribbon that measures about 9" long…$50. SOLD

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Nazi Kriegsmarine-Marked Swastika Flag. This is a very nice original flag with the desirable Kriegsmarine "eagle-over-M" marking on the halyard sleeve. Heavy rope halyard with end loops. The flag is maker-marked and measures about 28 1/2" x 50". There are some stains and only a couple very small moth holes. This flag is ideal for display with your Kriegsmarine collection…$350. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth Knife with Sheath by Eduard Gembruch, Solingen-Grafrath. This is a very fine example by a scarcer maker with the maker's RZM code "RZM M7/8" stamped onto the blade center.…$295. SOLD

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Nazi K98 Rifle Bayonet with Frog and Matching Numbers. This is an unusual K98 bayonet with the maker's marking "Coppel GmbH". The entire bayonet and scabbard are devoid of blued finish. The bayonet and scabbard have matching serial numbers "1949m"…$110. SOLD

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Nazi NCO Dress Bayonet by Herder with K98 Frog. Extremely fine NCO dress bayonet with a beautiful 9 3/4" chromed blade. Original red felt insert is still present. The undented scabbard has had most of its original black paint finish removed. The extremely fine leather frog belongs with a K98 bayonet…$110. SOLD

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Nazi BDM Unit Pennant with Hanger Clips. This is an outstanding near excellent double-sided pennant with the multi-piece Hitler Youth diamond insignia on one side, and the chain-stitched unit designation "B.d.M. Badersleben" on the other side…$525. SOLD

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Nazi "Krim" Campaign Arm Shield with Grey/Green Wool Base. The metal backplate is covered with a dark paper backing that is marked "J.F.S. 42". This is one of the BEST examples we've ever offered…$275. SOLD

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Nazi SS Pith Helmet Shield Insignia. This is a scarce SS shield insignia for the tropical pith helmet. The maker's marking "J.F.S. 42" appears in raised letters on the back side…$195. SOLD

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Nazi "Adolf Hitler - Schulen" Coat/Uniform Hanger. The hanger is stamped with the marking "Adolf Hitler - Schulen". It measures about 17" wide. This is a very scarce and desirable item…$175. SOLD

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Nazi SA Sports Shirt Patch for SA "Gruppe Niederrhein". This is a very fine larger embroidered patch with the SA runic symbol above the letters "NRh" (Niederrhein). This patch measures about 5 1/2" in diameter.…$150. SOLD

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Nazi SA Sports Badge in Bronze. This is an outstanding excellent original bronze badge with a vertical mounting pin on back. The badge is maker-marked for "PETZ u. LORENZ"…$65. SOLD

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Nazi Army EM Belt Buckle Dated 1942. This is an extremely fine steel buckle with about 80% of its original combat green paint finish present. The buckle is stamped next to the catch with the maker's marking "N&N 1942"…$75. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth Flag/Banner. This is an original multi-piece, double-sided Hitler Youth flag or banner that features an interesting ink stamping for the NSDAP "Deutsches Jungvolk" and what appears to be a date stamp. The flag/banner measures about 37" x 55" (ideal size for display) with some stains and small holes. It has four of the original six cloth hanging loops still present. This item came from a long-time collector of original Third Reich memorabilia…$225. SOLD

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Nazi SA "Reiter Standarte 466" Collar Tab. This is a near excellent collar tab with burgundy cloth wrapped over a burlap-type cloth stiffener. The tab features stitched numerals "466" and metal pennants device…$65. SOLD

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Nazi Police Sleeve Patch. This is a near excellent original heavy grey/green wool patch with the Nazi police eagle embroidered in silver thread with black swastika. This larger patch measures about 3" high and makes an excellent display item for your collection…$35. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth Belt Buckle. This is a fine heavy aluminum belt buckle with the maker's code "RZM M4/38" (Richard Sieper & Sohne maker)…$95. SOLD

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Nazi Army Fur-Flapped Field Pack. This is an outstanding example of the standard Wehrmacht issue field pack, complete with the leather shoulder straps. This example is dated "1935" on the leather trim, with the date "1939" and maker's marking on both leather shoulder straps. This example has 95% of its nice brown fur covering, and there is just one smaller strap having a partial split. Great item for display…$95. SOLD

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Nazi Kriegsmarine Soldbuch. This is a near excellent example of the "no photo" Soldbuch variety. This Soldbuch has few entries other than the equipment issued to this Kriegsmarine service member. This Soldbuch was issued on 2. Aug. 1941. and is ink-stamped by the "Kommando 5. Schiffsstammabteilung" based in Eckernforde…$60. SOLD

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Nazi Army Visor Hat Eagle, Wreath and Cockade Set. This is a near excellent set with all mounting prongs present on all three pieces. The eagle bears the maker's initials and date "R.H. 1936", and has an unusual varient prong design. The circular cockade bears the maker's marking and date…$45. SOLD

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Nazi Luftwaffe Field Division Collar Tabs. This is a near excellent matched pair of Luftwaffe collar tabs with pink piping. One slight "sticker stain" on the reverse side of one collar tab stiffener…$65. SOLD

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Nazi "Front-Sammelstelle" (Front Collection Point) Armband. This is an extremely fine example with machine-embroidered yellow lettering on a light blue cloth armband. Sewn ends. There are a few small glue resident spots inside the armband…$175. SOLD