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NAZI BADGES WE'VE SOLD (Retail Prices) - Page 2

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Nazi Iron Cross 1st Class Marked L58 with Screwback...$350 SOLD
WWI German Iron Cross 1st Class 3-Piece Badge Marked "800" Fine Silver...$495 SOLD
WWI German Copper-Plated Vaulted Iron Cross 1st Class with Case...$450 SOLD
Nazi Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge...$150 SOLD
Nazi Iron Cross 1st Class by Steinhauer & Luck...$275 SOLD
Nazi Silver Tank Assault Badge by Friedrich Linden...$225 SOLD
Nazi 1932 Election Badge...$65 SOLD
Nazi 1933 Hitler Youth Munich Badge...$95 SOLD
Nazi Hitler Youth Marksman's Badge...$80 SOLD
Nazi DRL Sports Badge in Silver by Wernstein...$95 SOLD
Nazi War Service Cross 1st Class with Numbered Pin...$130 SOLD
Nazi Kuban Campaign Sleeve Shield...$70 SOLD
Nazi NSDAP Party Pin with Unusual "6." Marking...$75 SOLD