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NAZI BELT BUCKLES WE'VE SOLD (Retail Prices) - Page 2

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Nazi Kriegsmarine EM Belt Buckle by JFS...$195 SOLD
Nazi Army EM Belt with Buckle...$95 SOLD
Nazi RLB EM Belt Buckle...$110 SOLD
Nazi SA Belt Buckle with Static Swastika...$140 SOLD
Nazi Hitler Youth Belt Buckle Marked "RZM M4/24"...$75 SOLD
Nazi-Era Stahlhelm Belt Buckle...$125 SOLD
Nazi Army EM Belt Buckle with Leather Tab...$125 SOLD
Nazi Army EM Belt and Buckle with Tab...$150 SOLD
Nazi Luftwaffe EM Belt Buckle by C.T.D...$85 SOLD