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NAZI SWORDS WE'VE SOLD (Retail Prices) - Page 1

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Nazi Army Officer's Leopard Head Sword by Emil Voos...$495 SOLD
Nazi NCO Police Sword by Krebs with SS Proofs...$475 SOLD
Nazi Police Officer’s Sword with SS Runes Marking...$795 SOLD
Nazi Lionhead Army Officer’s Sword by Alcoso...$575 SOLD
Nazi Army Officer's Lionhead Sword by E. Pack & Sohne, Solingen...$495 SOLD
Nazi Army Officer's Sword by Alcoso...$325 SOLD
Nazi Lionhead Sword by Eickhorn with Distributer’s Marking...$450 SOLD
Nazi Wehrmacht Sword Knot...$80 SOLD
Nazi Army Officer's Lionhead Sword by F.W. Holler...$495 SOLD
Nazi Army Officer’s Dovehead Sword by Horster with Knot...$350 SOLD
Nazi Police Sword Knot...$70 SOLD
Nazi Early Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword by Paul Weyersberg...$475 SOLD
Nazi Luftwaffe Officer's Sword by SMF...$795 SOLD