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Friday, September 24


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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s  in 1945.


Established 1979. New Listings Daily (when I can)

My original relics are priced to sell quickly!

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Original Nazi Military Stretcher Bearer Armband

This is a very fine white cotton armband with the black embroidered "hilfs=krankentrager" lettering. This armband has its ends machine-sewn together. There are two tiny staple pin holes on each corner from being stapled onto a display board. Item #0918-7

Our price...$50


Original Nazi Hitler Youth Sleeve Diamond Patch

This is a nice quality embroidered patch measuring about 3 1/8" high and featuring folded edges with the embroidered "GES. GESCH." marking. Item #0918-5

Our price...$45

LISTED 9/23 - SOLD 9/23

Original Nazi Mother's Cross in Bronze with Neck Ribbon

This is a near excellent Mother's Cross with its full-length neck ribbon. This example has nice smooth blue/white/black enamel work on the bronze cross. The reverse side has the date "16. Dezember 1938" and a facsimile Adolf Hitler signature. Item #0918-3

Our price...$55

LISTED 9/18 - SOLD 9/18

Original WWI German Black Wound Badge and Lapel Stickpin

This is an outstanding original set consisting of a stamped steel full-size wound badge with most of its original glossy black paint finish present. The second item is a stamped steel larger size lapel stickpin depicting a scarcer "cut-out" version of the WWI Black Wound Badge. This stickpin has most of its original glossy black paint finish present, and has the knurled "twisted pattern" mounting pin. Item #0918-3

Our price...$65 set


Original Nazi DAF Armband Marked "BEVO-WUPPERTAL"

This is an original armband for the DAF (Deutsches Arbeitsfront) labor organization. This powder-blue armband features an embroidered black DAF emblem on front, with the black embroidered "BEVO-WUPPERTAL" lettering on back. The armband ends are machine-sewn together. This armband has a few small tears on two edges and some small light stain spots. Item #0918-1

Our price...$85

LISTED 9/18 - SOLD 9/18

Original Nazi Luftwaffe Officer's Sword by SMF with Waffenamt

This is an outstanding example of the Luftwaffe officer's sword featuring a lovely gleaming 28 1/8" nickel-plated blade with no edge dings or sharpening. This blade bears the desirable "seated king" maker's logo for the SMF firm in Solingen. Above the maker's logo is the very desirable stamped Luftwaffe waffenamt marking. The original blue leather blade washer is present. The heavy aluminum crossguard and pommel have the brass-plated sunwheel swastikas on both sides with some light surface wear spots on a couple swastikas. The blue leather grip rates extremely fine with tight double springy aluminum wire grip wrap. The straight undented scabbard has all its original pebbled blue leather with a few surface finish scuffs. The frosted aluminum scabbard fittings have all their original scabbard screws. A very desirable sword. Item #0904-1

Our new price...$695


Original Nazi K98 Rifle Bayonet by Hörster with Matching Numbers and Frog

This original earlier bayonet has a near excellent blade with the deeply blued almost commercial finish that is prized by collectors. The blade is dated "39" (1939) on the spine next to the crossguard. Both the blade and the scbbard throat are maker-marked "E.u.F. Hörster" and feature matching serial numbers "3828k". The black bakelite grip panels rate extremely fine. The grip fittings and the scabbard show finish wear with much of the bluing gone. There are a couple small dent spots on the scabbard. The original black leather frog rates fine with the "RB" issue number stamped on. Someone's initials are scratched onto the frog reverse side. Item #0817-7

Our price...$175

LISTED 9/16 - SOLD 9/16

Original Nazi "Reichsbund der Kinderreichen" Enameled Badge

This is a nice earlier enameled badge for the "RDK" (Reich's Union of Large Families). Members of this organization had to have at least four children to qualify. This enameled badge has a few small chips on the front enamel. This badge bears the maker's logo for the Steinhauer & Luck firm. Item #0817-6

Our price...$60

LISTED 9/13 - SOLD 9/13

Original Nazi Army M42 Single Decal Helmet with Partial Liner

This is a superb near excellent M42 helmet with nearly 100% of its original Wehrmacht eagle/swastika decal present. This helmet features an undented steel shell with all of its original rough non-reflective dark green combat paint finish present. The rear inner skirt is stamped "ck162 2725". The liner steel inner ring and felt padding plus the two chinstrap square connector loops are present. All three original split rivets are present. Item #0817-4

Our price...$625

LISTED 9/13 - SOLD 9/13





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