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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.


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Original pre-1945 Dutch Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSB) Membership Badge

This is a very fine scarcer high quality pre-1945 enameled brass badge for the Dutch pro-Nazi "NSB" organization ("Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging in Nederland"). This badge features a vertical mounting pin on back. There is one small edge enamel chip. This badge measures about 3/4" high. Item #0526-3

Our price...$65

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Original Nazi NSDAP Party Badge "Buttonhole Version" Marked “RZM M1/34” (Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen Maker)

These are two excellent high quality NSDAP Party Member badges, each having lovely unchipped smooth enamel work on the convex metal base. The metal base has a lovely age patina. Both badges feature the desirable and scarcer "buttonhole" device for wear with the brownshirt uniform. Both bear the raised RZM maker's code "M1/34" for Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen maker. Item #0526-1

Our price...$185 each

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Original Nazi Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger with "Lightning Bolt" Scabbard

This is a complete Kriegsmarine dagger with all brass fittings on the handle and "lightning bolt" pattern scabbard. This dagger features an ivory-colored celluloid grip covering over the wood base. The celluloid covering has some cracks and chips which have been fixed into place. The original twisted brass double-wire grip wrap is tight and complete. The plain steel blade was improperly stored in the scabbard and has rust surface pitting on both sides of the blade. No maker's marking. The crossguard has its push-button latch that needs adjustment to latch tightly. The brass scabbard body has a number of depression dents. Both original brass scabbard throat screws are present. Item #0526-1

Our price...$295

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Original Nazi Patriotic Swastika Badges

This is a group of six earlier unofficial NSDAP patriotic badges that were worn by supporters of the Nazi Party. Each chromed steel circular convex badge features the cut-out swastika design within a circle, with the swastika painted black and the circle painted red. Each badge measures about 1 1/4" in diameter and has a vertical mounting pin on back. (Five left). Item #0526-1

Our price...$35 each

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Original Nazi RAD Leader's Armband

This is a very fine original RAD Leader's Armband for the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) labor corps. This armband has the eagle and wreath, with the RAD "spade with swastika and wheatstalks" emblem, machine-embroidered with silver/aluminum flat wire thread on the dark brown cloth armband. Silver/aluminum bullion edge stripes are embroidered along the armband upper and lower edges, with some age contraction "rippling"on the bullion stripes. The armband ends are machine-sewn together. This armband came from the relative of a WWII veteran, who said it was part of a group of “WWII memorabilia collected in 1944 (?) from ground in Austria as Germans retreated”. Item #0512-2

Our price...$285

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Original WWI Wuerttemberg 1916 "Charlotte Cross" with Case and Capture Paper

This is an interesting and historical set consisting of the near excellent silver Wuerttemberg 1916 "Charlotte Cross" awarded for caring for the war-wounded during WWI. This medal comes in a burgundy cardboard case with the stamp of the Royal Mint of Stuttgart on the interior of the lid. The cardboard case shows surface age and water damage to the surface. Accompanying this set is the original 24 June 1945 dated U.S. "capture paper" to Lt. Roy E. Simmons listing "German Military Medals" and a "German Military Knife". The capture paper has tattered edges. Item #0721-2

Our price...$215 set

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Original Nazi Hitler Youth Complete Sheet of HJ Savings Book 50 Pf Stamps

This is a mint set of 50 stamps for the Hitler Youth savings book. Each stamp has the value of 50 Pfennig and all have the HJ emblem along with the translated motto "Your Savings Help the People". Fully gummed on the reverse side with no stamp hinge marks. One sheet only. Item #0609-20

Our price...$125 sheet

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Original Nazi K98 Rifle Cleaning Kit Marked "MUNDLOS 1935"

This is an extremely fine Nazi K98 rifle cleaning kit complete with its oiler, pull-through chain, two brushes and take-down tool. All items fit in its steel container can. The can has a greyish finish and is marked "MUNDLOS 1935" (for Mundlos aktien Gesellschaft, NahmachinenFabrik) along with a lightly stamped Waffenamt marking. The oiler is also marked "MUNDLOS 1935". The takedown tool is marked "64". The pull-through chain is marked "G.APPEL 1935" with a small "eagle-over-7" marking. No cleaning patch. Missing cleaning patch separator plate. Item #1007-43

Our price...$55

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