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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.


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Original Nazi-Era Zeppelin Complementary Passenger Shaving Kit

This is an outstanding complementary shaving kit given to passengers on the Zeppelin dirigible flights. This complete unused kit comes in its original fitted red leatherette case with brass closing front latch. The kit includes a steel safety razor marked "D.R.G.M.", and two full boxes of Solingen-made wrapped safety razors within their original boxes. These items all fit into the hard red leatherette case that bears the gold embossed swastika-and-globe logo of the "Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei" on the top cover. A rare and desirable souvenir of the ill-fated Zeppelin era. Item #0609-15 

Our price...$285

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Original Nazi Hitler Youth Dagger by Carl Schmidt Sohn of Solingen

This is an interesting earlier Hitler Youth knife featuring the maker's name "Carl Schmidt Sohn Solingen" stamped onto the blade center. The smooth steel blade has no edge dings or significant sharpening marks. The leather blade washer is missing. The black checkered grip panels rate near excellent, with the enameled Hitler Youth diamond-shaped insignia having several small chips. The undented original sheet steel scabbard body has been expertly chromed to a beautiful finish after the war. The original leather belt loop is present but missing the "snap" strap. Item #0203-2 

Our price...$205

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Original Nazi SA Accordion Player Composition Figure by Lineol

This is a scarcer original composition Lineol figure depicting an SA man with swastika armband playing an accordion. Typical age crack on neck. This figure is marked "LINEOL" on its base. Nice hand-painted colorful detail. The tip of one boot is missing. Item #0202-1

Our price...$45

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Original Nazi Hitler Youth Knife by "RZM M7/56" (C. D. Schaaf, Solingen Maker)

This is a repaired Hitler Youth knife with an extremely fine plus original blade bearing the RZM maker's code "RZM M7/56" (C. D. Schaaf, Solingen maker) and the date "1940". The blade has its original leather blade washer. The hilt metal fittings are original with aged grey appearance. The front black checkered grip panel is original with the recessed spot for the enameled Hitler Youth diamond insignia (the insignia is missing). The two grip rivets have been replaced with black-painted threaded screws and nuts. The reverse grip panel is a modern carved wood replacement. The black-painted sheet metal scabbard is original without any major dents, and the black leather belt loop and snap strap are original. However, one rivet attaching the belt loop to the scabbard has separated but is present. The scabbard paint finish looks almost original, but I believe it is a re-paint. Item #0118-2

Our price...$135


Original Nazi Army Officer's Dagger with Extremely Fine Unmarked Blade

This Army Officer's dress dagger features an outstanding extremely fine plus unmarked blade with no sharpening marks or edge dings. The original leather blade washer is present. The nickeled pommel and crossguard have a deep age patina that matches the nickel-plated steel scabbard. The scabbard is undented. The ivory-colored celluloid grip is the "hollow" variety with a wood center. There are some grip cracks and chips next to the crossguard. The smooth topped pommel unscrews but I couldn't remove the grip to view the tang as the grip appears stuck for some reason. There is a wobble to the crossguard fit. Item #0124-1

Our price...$275

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Original Nazi 1934 NSV (People's Welfare Organization) Decorative Plate

This is an excellent decorative porcelain plate sold in 1934 as a fund-raising collectible to supporters of the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (NSV). This high quality glazed plate depicts a mother and child, with the NSV 1934 symbol above. The reverse side has an impressed porcelain maker's marking. There is a short hanging wire on the back. This plate measures about 9" in diameter and has no chips or cracks. Item # 0609-11

Our price...$115

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Original Nazi Army EM Belt Buckle with Tropical Web Tab

This is an excellent steel belt buckle with almost 100% of its original dark green combat paint finish present. This unmarked buckle has a dark green web tab riveted onto the buckle. The web tab has a black leather reinforcement strip machine-sewn onto the tab. This belt buckle was purchased from the daughter of a WWII veteran. The veteran served in the Tunisian, Rome-Arno, Southern France, and Germany/Rhineland campaigns. Item #0125-1

Our Price...$375

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Original Nazi Deutsche Arbeitsfront Plaque with Mounting Base Screw

This is a very fine larger stamped aluminum plaque featuring a harder-to-find threaded steel base screw to attach the plaque to a wood base. This DAF plaque measures about 7 3/4" in diameter and has a black painted cut-out swastika in the center. Item #0118-3

Our price...$195

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