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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.


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Original Nazi-Era Westwall General Contractor's Medallion with Swastika

This is an excellent 1 5/8" diameter medallion of aluminum with anodized antiqued bronze finish. This medallion celebrates the completion of the Westwall German defense fortifications by the "general contractors" for the peace and security of Germany. The two general contractor firms are named on the medallion back. Item #0514-6

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Original Nazi Kreistag der NSDAP Köln 1935 Tinnie Badge

This is an excellent and interesting NSDAP "Kreistag" Party rally day badge made of forest green plastic with white lettering. This badge features maker's markings and a steel horizontal mounting pin. Item #0514-3

Our price...$35

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Original Nazi-Era 1936 German Small Bore Rifle (K.K.S.) Marksmanship Stickpin

This is an excellent stickpin with a bronze badge section featuring a small-caliber rifle superimposed over a target with the date "1936" and letters "SSf KKS" (small bore rifle marksmanship "Kleinkalibergewehr Schützen"). Twisted pattern mounting pin. Item #0514-4

Our price...$25

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Original Nazi "RDB" Membership Badge

This is an extremely fine silver-finished metal badge for the RDB (Reichsbund der Deutschen Beamten) which was the Reich Federation of German Civil Servants. This badge features an "RZM" and "14" maker's code on the reverse side. The badge measures about 7/8 inch wide. Item #0514-5

Our price...$30

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Original WWII German Soldier's Occupation of Paris 1940 Watch Fob

This is a near excellent and historic WWIl German soldier's watch fob depicting, on one side, the Arc de Triumphe in Paris - and a neatly engraved inscription "Besetzung von Paris 14 Juni 1940" (Occupation of Paris) on the other side. The fob has a red-white-black celluloid section with a silver-finished chain and a locking ring marked "DEPOSE H.M.". This watch fob was recently found along with a number of other original WWII German relics during a house "clean out" after the owners passed away. Item #0514-2

Our price...$110

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Original WWI German Army EM Belt Buckle

This is a very fine multi-piece belt buckle with the center nickel roundel soldered onto the smooth brass buckle face. This buckle has its brass sizing roller with two brass prongs. Item #1203-3

Our price...$85

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Original Nazi Army Officer's Brass-Handled Lionhead Sword

This is an extremely fine brass-handled unmarked Lionhead sword with the two ruby-red glass eyes on the lionhead pommel.  The sword's blade measures about 34” and has a lovely matte steel finish with no significant problems and no edge dings or sharpening. The sword blade fits in the straight undented scabbard, but is tight and probably needs some lubrication. The leather blade washer is partially present. The wire grip wrap is missing just part of one strand.  The scabbard retains about 80% of its original glossy black paint finish. Item #0503-1

Our price...$550

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Original German WWI Trench Body Armor Breast Plate

This heavy steel breast plate, called a "Sappenpanzer", was issued to German frontline troops in 1916.  Due to its weight, this body armor was used mostly by sentry duty and machine-gun troops. This example has the breast plate with the curved shoulder attachments riveted on and is dent-free but does have surface rust pitting with a black re-painted finish.  Only 500,000 sets of this body armor were issued to soldiers on the Western front.  A complete set would also have had three interlinking abdominal and groin plates attached by two canvas straps to the breast plate. Item #0301-1A

Our price...$395

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Original Nazi Municipal Police Shako by Maury & Co., Offenbach

This is an extremely fine plus example of the municipal police shako with the police green wool covering over the hard vulcanfibre body rating near excellent. The two polished black vulcanfibre visors and top crown have no cracks or chipping. Each side of the shako has two screened ventilation holes. The near excellent light leather liner is complete. The shako front features the large aluminum police eagle/swastika plate and the separate aluminum cockade. The complete black leather chinstrap is present with its two aluminum buckles, and just needs adjustment. The shako interior features the maker's decal for the Maury & Company firm of Offenbach, and the size marking "57". An outstanding example. Item #0506-1

Our price...$525

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