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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s  in 1945.


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Original Nazi Early Luftwaffe Officer's Sword by SMF

This is an outstanding early production Luftwaffe sword with heavy nickeled fittings on both the sword and scabbard. The beautiful 28 1/4" blade features high quality nickel plating and is straight with a nice sharp pointed tip. The blade has the SMF "seated king" maker's logo next to the crossguard. The original blue leather blade washer is present. The crossguard features lovely detail with very fine feathering. The pommel features sharply stamped oakleaves around the outer rim. Both the pommel and crossguard have the attractive brass sun wheel swastikas. Both the sword grip and the scabbard are 100% covered with the blue Moroccan leather having the usual light scuffing. The scabbard body has one very slight depression dent. The grip features its complete and tight double springy wire grip wrap. An outstanding early Luftwaffe sword. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA. Item #1007-16

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Item listed 3/28 - Sold 3/28

Our price...$825   SOLD


Original Nazi GDAO Badge by Deschler

This is a scarcer and outstanding silver-finished metal badge for the GDAO which stands for "Gesamtverband deutschen Arbeitsopfer" (General Association of German Victims of Industrial Accidents). This badge is maker-marked "DESCHLER MÜNCHEN GES. GESCH.". The badge has a vertical mounting pin and measures about 1 1/8" high. Item #0228-5

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Item listed - 3/27 - Sold 3/27

Our price...$40   SOLD


Original Nazi Kriegsmarine Slip-On Shoulder Straps

These are two different near excellent KM slip-on shoulder straps, one for enlisted Coastal Artillery and the other for Bootsemann - Coxwain. Item #0323-3

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Our price...$50 set


Original Nazi Three-Ribbon Bar with Metal Devices

This is an outstanding ribbon bar featuring the deep blue ribbons for two Nazi faithful service medals with a silver and gold metal eagle/swastika device, and one with the police eagle/swastika within wreath device. There is a long brass horizontal mounting pin on back. Item #0323-2

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Item listed 3/27 - Sold 3/27

Our price...$45   SOLD


Original Ancestral Samurai Sword Dating from early 1700's

This is an exceptional find that came in a pile of swords I recently purchased. This original samurai sword without scabbard features a polished steel blade dating from the early 1700's, with the signed tang for noted swordsmith "Kanesada, Kyoho (1716-1736), Musashi - “Bushu-ju Kanesada”, “Kanesada", who lived in Edo’s Shinmei. The blade has no edge dings on its original very sharp edge, and a faint temperline is visible on the blade. The blade measures about 20 3/4" (excluding the copper habaki blade collar). There is some light rust freckling on blade. The buyer could have the blade professionally polished to enhance its appearance and value. The wrought iron tsuba is marked for the maker "Kishu ju Sadanaga". The tight cloth-wrapped handle with sharkskin covering has two bronze "menuki" under the wrap. There is no metal end cap to the handle. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA. Item #0318-1

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Item listed 3/26 - Sold 3/26

Our price...$895   SOLD


Original Nazi Hitler Youth Membership Badges by Hans Doppler, Wels

These are several excellent earlier enameled Hitler Youth badges with nice smooth enamel work on the silver-finished metal badge. Each badge is RZM maker-coded M1/159 (Hans Doppler of Wels maker). Item #0222-1

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Our price...$60 each   SOLD OUT


Original WWII British Brodie Steel Combat Helmet Dated 1941

This is an extremely fine all original steel helmet with most of the non-reflective "sand finish" OD green paint on the undented helmet body. This helmet has its original early model canvas chin strap with integral spring system which attaches to each side of the helmet shell. The helmet liner of specially treated canvas is very fine and complete with the rubber cushion head cross. The liner metal band is stamped "7 H & S 1941". Item #0918-8

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Item listed 3/23 - Sold 3/24

Our price...$110   SOLD


Original Nazi Mother's Cross in Bronze with Neck Ribbon

This is the bronze version of the Mother's Cross with blue-white-black enamel work on the bronze cross. There is some enamel chipping on the bottom cross arm. The long neck ribbon has a split and shows some honest wear. Item #0305-3

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Item listed 3/23 - Sold 3/23

Our price...$35   SOLD


Original Nazi Hitler Youth Armband

This is an extremely fine cotton cloth armband with a black thread swastika embroidered onto the center white square piece that is machine-sewn onto the armband body. The white center stripe is machine-sewn onto the red field. The armband ends are machine-sewn together. No holes or tears. Item #0305-2

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Item listed 3/22 - Sold 3/22

Our price...$85   SOLD


Original Nazi Army Officer's Bullion Breast Eagle

This is an outstanding high quality breast eagle featuring silver/aluminum embroidered eagle/swastika on a dark green wool patch with bluish cloth back covering.

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Item listed 3/21 - Sold 3/21

Our price...$45   SOLD


Original WWI British Lee Enfield 1907 Bayonet with Scabbard by Sanderson 6/1918

This is an extremely fine WWI British bayonet with an unsharpened 17" blued steel blade having no significant problems. The blade ricasso features the British ordnance "broad arrow" proofmark along with numerous other markings and date "6 '18" (June 1918), a crown and the lightly stamped maker's name "Sanderson". The wood grips have no chips and a cross marking. The scabbard is undented and has its full leather covering with tight seam stitching. Item #0924-8

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Our price...$100   SOLD


Original Nazi RAD Leader's Dagger by WKC

This might be a $2,000 dagger if it were complete.  However, the WWII veteran ground off the "Arbeit adelt" blade motto, took off the two scabbard hanger loops, and the grip panels are missing. Otherwise, it is completely original with the aluminum pommel and crossguard. The blade is still nice and straight with the WKC "knight's head" maker's logo on the ricasso. The silver-finished scabbard rates fine with a slight depression dent on the pebbled surface area. Both original scabbard throat screws are present. Item #0311-1

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Item listed 3/19 - Sold 3/20

Our price...$250   SOLD



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