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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. Most war souvenirs we offer were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.


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Original Nazi Private Forestry Belt Buckle

This is an extremely fine multi-piece aluminum belt buckle issued to the Private Forestry Service upon the buckle's adoption in 1938. Item #1013-18.

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Original Nazi Army Officer's Dress Dagger by Robert Klaas

This is an outstanding early high quality dagger with matching nickeled fittings and scabbard. This dagger is a WWII U.S. veteran "bring-back" that I recently purchased from the family. The dagger fittings and scabbard all have a lovely even dark age patina. The nickel-plated blade is bright and straight with no edge dings or sharpening. There are a few small rust pit spots on the blade. The original leather blade washer is present. The blade tang features the single hole which is characteristic of a Klass dagger. The lovely dark orange celluloid grip is excellent with no cracks or chips. The pebbled nickeled scabbard is near excellent with no dents. Both of the original scabbard throat screws are present. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA. Item #1125-1

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Original Nazi NSDAP Party Pin Badge by Gustav Brehmer

This is a very fine enameled badge with red/white/black enamel work on a convex silver-finished metal badge. This badge bears the maker’s RZM code “M1/101” (Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen maker) on the reverse side along with the horizontal mounting pin. Item #1124-6

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Original Nazi NSDAP Party Wool Armband

This is very high quality multi-piece red wool armband featuring a black ribbed cloth swastika separately machine-sewn onto the white ribbed cloth circle. The white circle is separately machine-sewn onto the red wool armband, with the armband ends machine-sewn together. This armband was brought back by a WWII U.S. Army veteran with H Company, 414th Infantry Regiment known as the Timberwolves. Item #1124-3

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Our price...$140   SOLD


Original Nazi Luftwaffe Officer's Brocade Belt with Buckle

This is an outstanding near excellent "house clean-out" find consisting of a high quality silver/aluminum bullion belt with grey and red stripes. The belt has both brocade loops and a metal end hook, along with a row of metal sizing grommets. The belt is lined with a dark grey heavy cloth lining and measures about 46 1/2" long. The excellent unmarked oval aluminum buckle features a separately attached brass Luftwaffe eagle/swastika emblem. Item #1124-1  

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Our price...$285   SOLD


Original Nazi Studentbund Armband with RZM Tag

This is a very fine example of the NSB (National Sozialistische Deutscher Studentenbund) organization armband. This armband features a diamond-shaped white patch with embroidered black swastika in the center. The patch is machine-sewn onto the red armband that has two white cloth stripes machine sewn onto the armband. The armband ends are machine-sewn together. There are a few stains to the armband, but no holes or tears. This armband features its original paper RZM tag still affixed inside the armband. Item #1122-2

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Our price...$225   SOLD


Original Nazi DAF Labor Corps Propaganda Enameled Metal Sign

This is a very colorful and well-made convex steel sign with red-white-black enamel work. This sign measures about 7 7/8" x 11 7/8" and features the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) "swastika-within-geared-wheel" emblem and the message that roughly translates "Under this sign all industrious Germans march and work". Some enamel chipping mostly next to the four mounting holes. Item #1121-1

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Original Nazi Adolf Hitler Stationary with U.S. Veteran's Grouping

This is a nice grouping recently found at a flea market in a small box. Included in the grouping is an unused sheet of Adolf Hitler's personal stationary from his "Kanlei des Fuhrers der NSDAP" in Berlin, as well as a U.S. Army officer's grouping of various insignia. The Hitler stationary sheet measures about 7 3/4" x 8 1/4" and has been folded with a few water stains. The U.S. insignia includes the officer's two dogtags, a matching set of DUI's (distinctive unit insignia), a pair of captain's rank bars, various collar insignia and patches, etc. These items are being sold as a single group. Item #1107-1

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Our price...$250 group

Sale price...$150 group


Original Nazi SA Dagger Coded "M7/52/40" without Scabbard

This fine SA dagger features the scarcer RZM maker's code on the blade "RZM M7/52/40" which stands for "Herbertz & Meurer, Solingen-Grafrath 1940". I don't often see an SA dagger with three separate numerals in the RZM code. The fine dagger blade is unsharpened with no edge dings and much cross-graining present. There are some surface cloudy spots and a slight ding/re-sharp to the dagger tip. The matching plated pommel and crossguard fittings rate very fine and are unmarked internally. The lovely wood handle has no cracks or chips, with the reverse side having a clear varnish covering. The grip eagle has an attractive golden appearance, as does the unchipped enameled SA runes button. Unfortunately, the scabbard is missing. Still this is a nice scarcer SA dagger. Item #1116-3

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Our price...$295   SOLD


Original Nazi Red Cross EM Hewer with Leather Frog

This is an all-original well-made hewer featuring all-nickeled fittings and having an unsharpened polished heavy steel blade with the "saw-back" top edge. The blade has some surface water spot pitting. The original leather blade washer is present. The blade is marked "GES. GESCH." under the rear langet. The front langet features the Nazi Red Cross eagle with swastika. The nickeled handle fittings rate extremely fine. The black checkered grip panels rate extremely fine with no chips or cracks. The undented steel scabbard retains about 95% of its original glossy black paint finish. All four original scabbard screws are present. The black leather frog rates fine with all four metal rivets present and tight. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA. Item #1115-1

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