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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.


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Original Nazi Army Officer's Sword by Paul Seilheimer with Brass Hilt

This is an extremely fine earlier dovehead pattern sword with the desirable brass handle. The crossguard features a raised spread-winged eagle/swastika. The black celluloid grip has a small crack near the underside of the pommel and features tight brass triple wire grip wrap. The original leather blade washer is present. The near excellent bright nickeled 32 1/8" blade has no edge dings and features a straight sharp tip. The blade ricasso features the maker's logo for Paul Seilheimer of Solingen. The steel scabbard retains almost all of its original glossy black paint finish, but does have a "door-jamb" dent toward the bottom. The original single scabbard throat screw is present. Item #0924-4

Our price...$350
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Original Nazi Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Belt Buckle By JFS

This is a near excellent unissued steel KM belt buckle with about 100% of its original dark blue/grey paint finish on the buckle, and with the distinctive KM reddish-brown paint finish on the sizing roller and prongs. This outstanding belt buckle is maker-marked "JFS" (Josef Feix & Söhne, Gablonz maker) on the reverse side. This buckle came back with a small Kriegsmarine grouping collected by a U.S. merchant seaman. Item #1115-2

Our price...$185
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Original Nazi 1938 Model VE 301 dyn GW “Deutscher Volksempfänger" People's AM Radio

This is an outstanding original example of the “Deutscher Volksempfänger" (German Peoples radio) Model VE 301 Dyn GW AM radio developed under the orders of Propaganda Minister Goebbels. These low-cost AM radios were manufactured so German and Austrian citizens could hear the Führer's speeches on the "Deutschlandsender" and the local "Reichssender" AM radio stations. This example has a near excellent dark brown bakelite case with two eagle/swastika emblems on the front. This radio measures about 12 3/8" high by 10 3/4" wide by 7 1/4" deep. The radio set was capable of reception on two bands: Langwelle (long wave) from 150 to 350 kilohertz, and Mittelwelle (medium wave) from 550 to 1700 kilohertz. On this model, the glass tuning window is imprinted with the names of German and Austrian cities radio stations. This original Nazi-era radio has been restored with original period tubes and is complete but not guaranteed to work. This radio is "for display only" and must be inspected by a competent radio electronics specialist before attempting to operate. An external wire antenna is required for radio station reception. Item #0210-1

Our price...$485   SOLD

Original Nazi NSDAP Swastika Armband with RZM Tag

This is a near excellent cotton armband with a black swastika embroidered onto the white circle which is embroidered onto the red armband. The the armband ends are machine-sewn together. The original paper RZM tag is still attached inside the armband. Item #1106-45

Our price...$125

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Original Nazi Police Officer's Belt Buckle

This is a near excellent frosted aluminum die-struck belt buckle with the center raised polished swastika. Unmarked. Item #1017-1

Our price...$180
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Original Nazi Volkssturm "Last Ditch" Forces Armband

This is a near excellent example of this printed cotton cloth armband issued to the "last ditch" fighters of the Third Reich in 1944-45. This armband features sewn ends and reinforcement edge stitching. Item #1106-23

Our price...$85
Listed and Sold in One Day!

Original Nazi Police "Cut-Down" Dress Bayonet with Matching Markings

This is an outstanding cut-down unslotted Nazi Police Dress Bayonet with the matching property markings "S.Ar.II. 1123” which identifies it as a bayonet issued to the Prussian Schutzpolizei, Arnsberg District, 2nd Precinct, item 1123. The 12 7/8" nickeled steel cut-down blade is near excellent with Alexander Coppel maker's markings on both sides of the ricasso. The leather blade washer is missing. There are no sharpening marks or edge dings on the bright nickeled cut-down blade. Both stag grip panels are near excellent with the aluminum Nazi Police eagle/swastika emblem properly pinned to one grip panel. The black leather scabbard covering has a number of surface dings and scrapes but the leather is complete with tight stitching. The scabbard body and nickeled fittings are undented. Item #1115-1

Our price...$565
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