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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s  in 1945.


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Original Nazi Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger by SMF with Waffenamt and Deluxe Hangers

This is a very desirable Luftwaffe dagger featuring a near excellent unsharpened nickeled blade with no edge dings and a sharp pointed tip. The blade ricasso features the SMF "seated king" maker's logo along with the stamped "eagle/5" Luftwaffe waffenamt marking. The pommel and crossguard fittings are both matching aluminum with nice detail. The orange celluloid grip has tight springy aluminum wire grip wrap. The grip does have a few chips out near the pommel and crossguard. The original leather blade washer is present. The undented nickel-plated steel scabbard has some surface rust, and features aluminum hanger attachments. Both original throat screws are present. The extremely fine Luftwaffe deluxe dagger hangers have all-working clips with oakleaf designs and various markings. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA. Item #1229-1

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Original Nazi Bronze Panzer Assault Badge by Wiedmann

This is a fine single piece construction Panzer Assault Badge with just traces of the original bronze finish remaining.  This badge has been field modified to be sewn onto the tunic. The hinge barrel and wire catch plate are present, but the mounting pin is missing. This badge has the maker's marking for the firm of E. Ferdinand Wiedmann of Frankfurt. Item #0911-11

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Our price...$100


Original Nazi Swastika Multi-PIece Armbands with RZM Tags

These six identical excellent armbands were recently purchased from the family of a WWII veteran who brought them back from the war. Each armband features a multi-piece ribbed black cloth swastika machine-sewn onto the separate white cloth circle that is, in turn, machine-sewn onto the red cotton cloth armband. The armband ends are machine-sewn together. Each armband still has its original issue paper RZM tag. HAVE SIX. Item #0110-1-6

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Our price...$95 each SOLD OUT


Original U.S. WWII M1942 Garand Rifle 16 inch Bayonet by UFH dated 1943 with USN Mk1 Scabbard

This is an extremely fine unaltered correct Model 1905 bayonet with the full 16" blade, ribbed plastic grips and unaltered parkerized blade with almost all its original finish present. This bayonet features an unaltered original 16" blade (most of these bayonets were later cut down to a 10" blade). The blade ricasso is marked with the maker "U.F.H." above U.S. around the ordnance "flaming bomb" marking, and the manufacture date of 1943. The WWII Issue USN Mk1 fiberglass scabbard is correct and marked "USN MK 1". An outstanding example. Item #0109-1

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Original Nazi Army Officer's Dagger Hangers

This is a very fine set featuring silver/aluminum bullion embroidery on two green felt hanger straps with silver-finished buckles. Both snap hooks are working. Item #0109-1A

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Our price...$150   SOLD


Original Nazi Army Officer's Dress Dagger by E. & F. Hörster with Portapee

This is an outstanding near excellent earlier high quality dagger with all-nickeled fittings. This dagger features a lovely unsharpened blade with much cross-graining and no edge dings, plus a sharp pointed tip. The blade features the desirable E. & F. Hörster maker's logo on the ricasso, and has its original leather blade washer present. The attractive solid celluloid orange grip has no cracks or chips. The silver/aluminum bullion portapee rates near excellent and is tied to the grip. The undented nickeled scabbard rates near excellent and has its original single throat screw present. A superb earlier dagger. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA. Item #0109-2

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Our price...$485   SOLD


Original Nazi Westwall Medal with Ribbon and Issue Envelope

This is an unissued later war medal with excellent ribbon section and near excellent issue tan paper envelope bearing the maker's name "Carl Poellath, Schrobenhausen". Item #0910-18

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Our price...$85


Original Nazi Adolf Hitler Stationary with 1933 Reichstag Election Campaign Stickpin

This is a nice set that includes an original unused sheet of Adolf Hitler's personal stationary from his "Kanzlei des Fuhrers der NSDAP" in Berlin, as well as an original Nazi Party campaign stickpin for the 1933 Reichstag elections. The Hitler stationary sheet measures about 7 3/4" x 8 1/4" and has been folded with a few water stains. The excellent stickpin has the Nazi Party campaign slogan "Ya" (Yes) as the Nazi Party was the only party allowed to run. Item #1107-2-1208-1A

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Our price...$110 set

Sale price...$95 set


Original Nazi 1934 Reserve Infantry Regiment 121 Tinnie Badge

This is a very fine brass badge with a raised profile of a German soldier and raised inscription. This badge was issued in 1934 in Backnang, and town about 19 miles from Stuttgart. Item #0911-7

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Our price...$35

Sale price...$25


Original WWII U.S. Paratrooper Souvenir Pillow Case

This is an extremely fine and very desirable WWII souvenir Ft. Bragg paratrooper school pillow case of smooth satin cloth with colorful printed designs of paratrooper wings, aircraft, etc. This multi-piece pillow case measures about 18 1/2" x 18 1/2" excluding the silky yellow fringe. Great display item. Item #1219-5

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Our price...$45

Sale price...$30


Original Nazi SA Sports Armband with RZM Tag

This is an excellent armband with a gold thread center design embroidered onto the white circle, with the circle machine-sewn onto the lighter red armband. The armband ends are machine-sewn together. The paper RZM tag is still affixed inside the armband. Item #0109-2

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Our price...$75   SOLD


Original Nazi Iron Cross 2nd Class with Numbered Ring

This is an outstanding Iron Cross with a "magnetic" iron center and silver-finished frame. This Iron Cross features an extra-long original ribbon that rates excellent. The ribbon ring is stamped with the maker's code (I believe it is "122"). Item #1229-8

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