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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.

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Original WWII Italian Fascist "Mussolini" Badge

This extremely fine aluminum badge shows Benito on the obverse side with the surrounding legend "Credere-Obbedire-Combattere" (Believe-Obey-Fight). This badge is profusely marked on the reverse side. The badge measures about 1 1/2" and has vertical mounting pin on back. Item #0629-6

Our price...$60


Original Nazi Austrian Annexation Medal

This is an extremely fine Anschluss Commemorative Medal. The medal is suspended from a red ribbon with white-black-white edged stripes. It is made of tombac bronze with a silvered matte finish. The Anschluss Commemorative Medal (Anschluss-Erinnerungsmedaille) was issued to commemorate the annexation of Austria, known as the Anschluss, which took place on March 13, 1938. The medal was authorized by Adolf Hitler and awarded to members of the German military, government officials, and civilians who were deemed to have contributed to the annexation or demonstrated loyalty to the Nazi cause. This interesting war souvenir was brought back by WWII Army veteran Sergeant George F. Zang Jr. who served in Northern France, Rhineland and Central Europe with the 217th Field Artillery Battalion, 44th Infantry Division. Item #1229-11

Our price...$75


Original Nazi Eastern People's Medal 1st Class with Swords

This is an extremely fine medal awarded for gallantry to "Eastern Peoples" (Ostvolk) who volunteered to fight alongside German troops. This medal, called "Tapferkeits und Verdienstauszeichnung für Ostvölker" in German, has its gold gilted oxidized off with age, and is missing its mounting pin. Item #0211-4

Our price...$45


Original Nazi Studentbund Sports Shirt Eagle Patch with RZM Tag

This is an unissued and untrimmed larger BeVo weave embroidered Studentbund sports shirt patch. This patch measures about 4 1/4" x 6 3/4" and is near excellent. This scarcer patch has its original paper RZM tag still attached. This patch is a WWII veteran "bring-back" which I purchased directly from the family of WWII veteran PFC Leo J. Petrik who served with Company B, 282nd Engineers (Combat Battalion). Item #0430-7

Our price...$165


Original WWII German Oil Painting of an Army Infantry EM by Heil. Oil Painting of German Cottage Scene by Schott on Reverse Side

This is an extremely fine example of the "double-use" of an artist's paint board. The front side features a war-time oil painting of a German Army Infantry Enlisted Man. This oil painting is artist-signed by "Heil" who re-used the paint board that had earlier been used for an oil painting of a German cottage scene. The German cottage scene, which is now on the reverse side, is artist-signed by "Schott". This desirable item measures about 13” x 17 1/4” including the frame. The painting of the German soldier has a torn section missing on the upper left corner of the painting. Item #1003-27

Our price...$130


Original Nazi SA "Sturmabteilung" Belt Buckle with Scarce Horizontal Swastika

This is an original multi-piece belt buckle worn by the SA "storm trooper". This buckle features a smooth brass surface with the circular roundel soldered onto the buckle. The roundel features a raised early party eagle/swastika with the scarce "horizontal" swastika. There is some finish corrosion on the upper left front of the buckle. This buckle features a steel sizing roller with two prongs. Item #0814-1

Our price...$140


Original Nazi Luftwaffe EM "Flight" Collar Tab Set with Metal Devices 

This is a near excellent set of three yellow (Flight) Luftwaffe EM collar tabs, each having a metal device attached. All three collar tabs have the yellow wool tab material wrapped around the buckram stiffener insert. Item #0814-6

Our price...$18 set





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