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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.


When I purchase military collections I sometimes find an item of "questionable" authenticity mixed in with original war relics. Most often these "questionable" items are high quality reproductions. However, some might be original, or might be a partial reproduction using some original parts. Some might also be "fantasy" items never actually produced during the appropriate historical time period.

However, you should assume that all items listed below on this website page under the "QUESTIONABLE NAZI RELICS” heading are high quality reproductions.

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Nazi SS Visor Hat Insignia Set with RZM or Maker's Markings and 900 Markings

This is a near excellent set consisting of high quality SS "death's head" and SS eagle/swastika visor hat badges, both having their mounting prongs and both bearing RZM or maker's markings and 900 markings. Item #Q-0611-18

Our price...$75 set


Imperial WWI German Three-Ribbon Bars with Metal Device

These are two excellent examples of identical WWI German ribbon bars. Each ribbon bar features three different medal ribbons folded onto a zinc convex stiffener plate, with a brass horizontal mounting pin on back. All have a ribbed grey satin cloth backing hand-stitched onto the ribbon bar. None of the ribbon bars "glow" under the blacklight. Have 2 ribbon bars left. Item #Q-JWK0929

Our price...$10 each


Nazi General Assault Badge

This is an excellent highly detailed antique silver-finished badge with a vertical mounting pin on back and having a brass catch loop. Item #Q-0725-19

Our price...$15


Nazi Hitler Youth Marksmanship Badge

This is a near excellent silver-finished metal badge with smooth enamel work on the Hitler Youth diamond-shaped center insignia. The reverse side features RZM markings. Item #Q-0223-1

Our price...$19


Nazi Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge

This is a very high quality stamped nickel badge with light honest wear to the high points. Almost all the gold finish has worn from the wreath. Item #Q-1026-163

Our price...$35