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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s  in 1945.

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Original Nazi Polished Aluminum Political Eagle/Swastika Dinner Fork Dated "42" (1942)

These are near excellent unissued Nazi polished aluminum dinner forks brought back as war souvenirs at the end of WWII. The forks feature a Political eagle/swastika on the handle along with the maker's code "WSuCL42" and marking "ALUMINIUM". These dinner forks appear unused with just light storage scuffs. Item #0915-1

Our price...$25 per fork 

Original Nazi Police Visor Hat Insignia

This is an extremely fine frosted heavy aluminum convex badge that measures about 1 7/8" high. This insignia is missing its two mounting pins. The reverse is maker-marked "R.S.S." in small letters. Item #JWK1010

Our price...$25   SOLD

Original Imperial German Five-Ribbon Bar Marked "DRP" with Metal Device

This is a near excellent Imperial German five-ribbon bar with the crossed-swords metal device. This medal bar reverse features a grey-finished steel plate with horizontal mounting pin. The plate is stamped "DRP" next to the hinge. Item #JWK0322

Our price...$20

Original Nazi 1936 Deutsches Jugendfest Badge

This is a very fine bronze-finished steel badge for the Hitler Youth. This badge measures about 1 1/2" high and has a horizontal pin back. Item #0925-38

Our price...$25   SOLD

Original Nazi "Trageflagge der Kriegsschiffe" Plastic Badge

This is an extremely fine white plastic badge with the red painted battle flag depiction. This plastic badge has its horizontal mounting pin, but the pin catch is missing.  Item #0411-23

Our price...$15   SOLD

Original Nazi 1935 "DEUTSCHES JUGENDFEST" Tinnie Badge

This is a very fine silver-finished steel badge issued for the German Youth Festival in 1935. This badge is missing its mounting pin. Item #0925-37

Our price...$19   SOLD